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Commercial premise in the center of Barcelona

Commercial premise in the center of Barcelona
Local commercial
4.200.000 €
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Zone de construction: 250 m²
Bénéfice annuel: 192720 €
Rentabilité: 4%
Loué: rental agreement till 2023
Superficie du bâtiment
250 m2
Bénéfice annuel
Rentabilité %
rental agreement till 2023
Contrat avec exécution obligatoire
3 obligatory years
Commercial premise in the center of Barcelona

For sale, a commercial space in Barcelona’s city center, currently rented by an international brand. The object is located in an exclusive commercial area in the heart of the city, where there are numerous shops, and a large flow of tourists. Neighbors include the brand name shops of Carolina Herrera, Syperdry, GStar, ERES, Devernois, Purificacion, and Garcia, as well as bars and restaurants. All main city sights are within walking distance from the property.  This area is the most popular among those coming to Barcelona to shop.

We offer you an exclusive investment in Spain, in the country’s biggest tourist city.  The commercial premise of 250m2, with 6m high facades, is located on the 1st floor of a multistory building and is being sold in very good condition. It’s the perfect place for a shop or any other kind of business. Currently, this property is being rented with a rental agreement expiring in 2023, with a monthly rent of 16.060 Euros - 4% of the annual income. It’s a great offer for investors or for those moving to Barcelona and planning to open a new business.

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