Acquisition and managing of commercial property

Albert Good team will make you a selection of the most profitable and safe investments in commercial property in Spain. We accompany you on all the stages of the selection and the purchase deed and provide you with all necessary legal and tax consultancy, e.g.:

  1. Selecting best options of commercial property according to your demand.
  2. Giving all detailed information about property locations and their investment potential
  3. We can change and adjust the search depending on your comments and thanks to a wide net of partners on the Spanish  real estate market we can offer you all the options that are currently on the market.
  4. After you choose the property we give our evaluation of the current profitability and its perspective growth
  5. Getting extract from the property register with all the information about property including possible encumbrances.
  6. Checking current rental contracts using qualified legal and financial consultants
  7. Negotiating best price based on the information about the commercial property
  8. Offering best financial acquiring scheme as private person or as a legal entity
  9. Working out the best way to get dividends from your new property using financial consultants
  10. Opening new legal entity if it is necessary for the purchase
  11. Managing mortgage and applying for several banks to compare and find best possible conditions
  12. Getting NIE (Foreigner's Identification Number)
  13. Gathering all the necessary documentation from both buyer and seller and supervising all the deal preparation process as well as the deal signing

Also if you buy real estate as investment and you need someone to manage the property, we can offer the following:

  • find new reliable tenants
  • control rental fee payments
  • provide consultant and legal advice if necessary
  • control property tax and other municipal fees payments

And if you need we can also help you with other different questions that may appear if you move to live in Spain.

We will help you in all your endeavors in Spain.
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