Relocation services, medical insurance, schools and universities choice

Among our clients there are a lot of foreigners who move to Spain without knowing the language. So based on the necessity, our company offers services that help you in your everyday life in Spain:

  1. Contracting all necessary insurances- medical insurance for all the family,  social security,  car insurance, life insurance.
  2. Buying and registration a car, yacht, etc.
  3. If Spain is your second residence and don't live here all year round, we can organize for your mail to be collected and sorted in case of any important correspondence. This way we will check all the incoming letters and inform you about their content if needed.
  4. We can also find solutions to the everyday problems, e.g. with the bank, utility companies, etc.

If you want your children to study in one of the international schools of Barcelona, we offer you following services:

  1. Consultancy when choosing school or university
  2. Organizing interviews with the schools you are interested in and language support during interviews
  3. Prepare and conduct the process of application to one or several international schools or sports schools
  4. Arranging summer camps for children

In case of necessary medical assistance you can on our services in following:

  1. Suggesting specialists depending on your necessities and arranging visits
  2.  Language support during the visit itself
  3. Translation of medical documentation

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to call us, and we'll try to give you best solution possible, or offer you competent specialists if the question you ask is out of area of our expertise.

We will help you in all your endeavors in Spain.
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