Spanish Residence

One of the most important tasks of the families who decide to move to Spain is to make sure they have legal Spanish residence. There are several ways of obtaining residence in Spain.

Albert Good Team is ready to help you in applying for Spanish residence in the following cases:

Non lucrative residence permit

If you have sufficient income in your native country, we can help you to get a non lucrative residence permit in Spain. The process of application for this type of residence can take up to 4 months.

Investor’s visa / Golden visa:  Buying property of 500.000 Euros or more

The Investor’s visa gives its owner and his family the right to reside in Spain when buying a property of 500.000 Euros or more, or investing in Spanish economy. The process of application for this residence can take up to 3 months.

In both cases our company offers its services:

  • In preparing all necessary blanks and documents
  • Offering services of legal translator
  • Filling out necessary application forms
  • Arranging application date at the Spanish Embassy
  • Following the status of your application and preparing extra documentation if required by the Embassy

In case of non lucrative residence after you come to Spain, we also help you with the following:

  • making appointment with the local Immigration Police Department to apply for the residence card
  • a month after the visit we accompany you to pick up the residence card
  • And when the card is expired we remind you to start the process of its renovation in time and help you to do so

More detailed about all possible types of residences you can read in a special article devoted to this topic.

Since Emigration legislation in Spain is being corrected and changed quite often, in case of any questions on this topic we advise you to contact us per e-mail info@albertgood.com or you can call us +34 934 947 796

We will help you in all your endeavors in Spain.
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